Curriculum Vitae

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A. Personal & contact information

First name Andreas
Last name Konstantinidis
Father's name Dimitrios Konstantinidis
Mother's name Eleni Tsitsakopoulou
Date of birth ..............*, 1962
Place of birth Kavala, Greece
Residence ..............*, Kavala .......*, Greece
Telephone (home) +30 2510 ..............*
Cell phone +30 6947 ..............*
e-mail my e-mail
Marital status Married, ................*


B. Basic education

Primary 10th and 13th public primary schools of Kavala, Greece
Secondary Up to 10th grade 2nd public secondary school (gymnasium) of Kavala, Greece
11th grade – Del City High, Oklahoma, OK USA – Member of Honor Society
12th grade – American Community Schools of Athens, Athens, Greece – diploma grade 96/100


C. Studies and work experience

1982-1984 Studying at the Greek Merchant Marine Academy – Captains' School – diploma grade 17.3/20.0
1984-1985 Working as a cadet deck officer on Greek merchant vessels
 Dec. 1985 Acquiring diploma of “Captain Class C”
1986-1988 Working as deck officer on Greek merchant vessels
1988 Working on a two month contract (seasonal employee) in the Shipping Department of Phosphoric Fertilizers Industry (PFI**), Nea Karvali, Greece.
1988-1990 Serving Greek Navy, doing military service, as petty officer, positioned in charge of a radar watch station, on Samothraki island, training staff in the use of naval radars and computers for reporting / recording regional navigational traffic.
1990-1994 Working as a tutor in private institutes and preparatory schools, teaching English as foreign language, computer use and advanced computer programming.
1994-1999 Running my own school of Languages and Computing. At the same time I create various software, the most noticeable being my automations for music, commercials (advertisements) and RDS broadcasting of commercial radio stations.
1999 After strong competition I am hired by the Phosphoric Fertilizers Industry (PFI**), Nea Karvali, Greece, and positioned in the Shipping Department, where I am still working up to the present time.
2000-2001 Covering, temporarily, the position of Chief Foreman in the Material Handling Department of PFI. Managing two bagging units, about 100 people, and all raw material, ready and final products warehouses.
2001 Being positioned back and continuing work in PFI Shipping Department.
2004 Starting for a degree in Computing at Hellenic Open University (HOU) – at the pace my working duties allow.
2006 Being promoted to Assistant Head of Shipping Department.
2009 Completing my undergraduate thesis on the “Development of a Geographic Position Visualization Tool of the H.O.U. Services and Facilities”, being posted at, and receiving my BSc in Computing – grade 8.87/10.00
2010 Starting for a MSc in Ubiquitous Computing at HOU – studying, as before, at the pace my working duties allow.
2012 Being promoted to Head of Shipping Department, while actually being in charge of the department since mid 2011 – while my predecessor was in his retirement leave.
2014 Completing my postgraduate thesis on the “Design and Development of a Web Application for Monitoring the Voyage, Arrivals and Departures of Vessels, Being of Interest to a Specific Port Facility, with Emphasis on Mobile Devices Usability”, being posted at, and receiving my MSc in Ubiquitous Computing – grade 8.70/10.00

Last updated: August 2014

*For obvious reasons, certain data from the “Personal & contact information” area have been deleted.

**Today, Phosphoric Fertilizers Industry (PFI SA) has changed ownership and has been renamed to ELFE SA.